Heart Sounds

by Lynn Saunders

Title: Heart Sounds
Author: Lynn Saunders
Website: http://www.mindspring.com/~lynnsaunders Email: lynnsaundersfanfic@hotmail.com
Distribution: Yep, but let me know. I like to visit.
Classification: Poem
Rating: G
Summary: Reassurance beats beneath her ear. Completed: 9-12-03
Disclaimer: Ha! No names used.

Heart Sounds

She reclines against her mate,
flaming red spreading across his breast
like a shot to the heart, fatal.
Reassurance beats beneath her ear.

Flickers of red and gold dance,
scattered from the oak above
to blanket the world with color.
Fall air, apple-crisp, swirls all around.

Eyes, ice blue, mirror her own,
crystal and clear, sharp as a knife,
blinking sleepily against the glare.
A miracle, her son cuddles at her side.

She smiles, content. Amazed.


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