by bcfan

TITLE: Genderbending
AUTHOR: bcfan
SPOILERS: 155 word post-ep for Genderbender

After the Kindred, he considered the possibilities.


Lotion and make-up - duplicates of Scully's own - lined the counter. He thoughtfully uncapped a scented liquid, breathed deep, then ran fragrant hands down his nude body.

Next, foundation was carefully applied, his lips quirking as he covered his mole. A slash of red lipstick was added. He stared fascinated at the mirror.

Breathing erratically, he turned from the mirror and carefully shook out a new black silk slip. The slinky material dropped over his head and down his slim torso, catching on his semierect cock.

His eyes were slitted with arousal as he felt the silk shift sensuously.

Lying on his sofa with one leg askew, he began to stroke himself through the material, going faster until he bit his lip and reached behind with one hand to hit his answering machine's flashing button. A gasp, and elegant feet curled as he orgasmed, his brain echoing the message.

"Mulder, it's me..."


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