Leaving The Stage

by Rhetta

TITLE: Leaving The Stage
AUTHOR: Rhetta
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SPOILERS: 'Jump the Shark'
DISCLAIMER: The 'X-Files' belong to Chris Carter, 1013, and FOX. Think of this as a friendly loan. SUMMARY: It's important to know when it's your time to go. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written for the Haven's 155 Words Mid-Episode Challenge.

A man once told me that the great ones always know when to leave the stage.

I can see his point. There's a logic to burning out fast rather than fading slowly away.

I'd love when I'm gone to be thought of as a noble man who died for his beliefs.

I would prefer it painless. And quick. Quick and painless. And heroic. Quick and painless and heroic.

"Frohike. Are you listening? Why are you staring off like that?"

"Just thinking of my mortality." I glance over at Mulder. "Or my fake mortality."

He sighs. "Don't get all philosophical on me Melvin. We don't have the time. Skinner pulled strings to get you three buried and Scully's already filed your autopsies."

Picking up the last of our bags, he walks out the door. I look around for a moment and smile.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it's better to just pretend to leave the stage.

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