2003 Spooky Awards

2003 Spooky Awards
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ILuvScully (email) Out For Blood

124k  --  NC-17  --  Standalone
Doggett and Reyes are called to investigate when a string of murders is believed to be the work of vampires but something does not fit. Scully's expertise is needed to make sense of the killings and to provide the medical expertise and use her past experience in the X-Files to add incite to the case. On the other hand, and not wanting it to interfere with her judgement, Scully is having feelings towards Reyes that go past friendship but she cannot act on them...


Characterization: Scully, Reyes
Genre: X-File, D/R Casefile
Length: Long
Rating: NC-17 slash
Romance: Scully or Reyes slash (Scully/Reyes), Threesomes Mixed Gender
Author: Author


Inluvwthfox (email) Red Becomes Her

36k  --  R  --  Standalone
What happens when the holiday of love turns into the holiday of death?


Length: Mid-Length
Author: Author


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