2003 Spooky Awards

2003 Spooky Awards
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Avalon (email) Queen of Mist and Memory, The (parts 3-16 and epilogue)

400k  --  NC-17  --  Work-In-Progress  --  offsite at author's website
During a trip to England, Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped in the legendary court of Camelot. As they search for a way to return to their lives, Scully finds herself forgetting who she truly is. (Parts 4 thru 18/end eligible for 2003 Spookys, parts 1 thru 3 were posted in the 2002 eligibility period.)


Characterization: Mulder, Scully, Original Character (Agravaine, Arthur, Bors, Gareth, Merlin, Mordred, Morgan le Fae)
Genre: Angst, Torture, Alt Universe, Outside DC (England)
Length: Works-In-Progress
Rating: NC-17 het
Romance: Mulder/Scully Relationship
Author: Author


Gibson (email) Question of a Dream Lover, The

12k  --  NC-17  --  Standalone


Characterization: Scully
Length: Short
Author: Author, New Author


Marcia Elena (email) Quintessence

12k  --  R  --  Standalone  --  offsite at The Basement
Reclaiming life together.


Characterization: Mulder, Krycek
Genre: Outside DC (on the run)
Length: Short
Rating: Non-NC17 slash
Romance: Mulder/Krycek
Author: Author


Donnilee (email) Quixotic Series 1: Q is for Quixotic

48k  --  NC-17  --  Series
Mulder plans a seduction, Scully turns the tables on him.


Author: Author


Donnilee (email) Quixotic Series 2: Quixotry

40k  --  NC-17  --  Series
A sequel to Q is for Quixotic. Moose and Squirrel get their dream date.


Author: Author


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