2003 Spooky Awards



October 2, 2002: First day of eligibility. If your story is posted on this day after 11:59pm (PST), it will be eligible for the 2003 awards. It will not be eligible for the 2002 awards.

October 1, 2003: Last day of eligibility. Stories posted to atxc after 11:59pm (PST) will be eligible for next year's Spooky Awards in 2004. You may continue to send in stories/links to stories that were posted during the eligiblity dates.


October 15, 2003: Last day to send updates to the eligibility list. Updates received after 11:59pm (PST) will be disregarded.

October 24, 2003: Open Nominations begin at 12:01am (EST).
October 31, 2003: Open Nominations end at 11:59pm (EST).

November 16, 2003: Selective Nominations begin at 2:01am (EST).
November 24, 2003: Selective Nominations end at 8:00am (EST).
(Delayed 48 hours in 2003 only, in 2004, will return to November 14th to November 21st as in prior years)

December 5, 2003: Final Voting begins at 12:01am (EST).
December 12, 2003: Final Voting ends at 11:59pm (EST).

December 31, 2003: Winners announced.